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HousingLOUISIANA is implementing a resident power building program called Residents Organized for Housing Louisiana (ROHLA). The long-term goal for ROHLA is to establish a powerful resident-led voice across Louisiana that can advocate for housing affordability and resilience at local, regional, and state levels. To accomplish this, the HousingLOUISIANA organizing team will help establish nine ROHLA chapters across the state by end of 2022.


ROHLA Chapters will be led by resident leaders who are not involved in housing in any professional capacity but are interested in advocating for housing solutions because they are either directly affected by housing challenges or want to be an ally to better housing solutions for all. Chapters will develop their own resident leadership and priorities as they form and grow and will send representatives to participate in various housing-related activities, from regional housing alliances to local and statewide public meetings.


As a HousingLOUISIANA program, it is anticipated that the regional housing alliances and the ROHLA chapters will augment each other’s local effectiveness on addressing change. While ROHLA chapters will be focused on growing a resident base of affected and interested individuals who want to advocate for housing solutions, it will not become a space for professional development of housing advocates. Instead, ROHLA chapters will rely on regional housing alliances and other partners to provide technical expertise and education on housing related policies that chapters agree to pursue. In the same vein, regional housing alliances and the full complement of HousingLOUISIANA network partners should look to involve ROHLA chapters to participate in advocacy, educational, and informational activities, where appropriate.


By creating as separate space for residents who are not housing professionals, ROHLA hopes to expand participation by everyday people who can come together and see in each other the ability to affect positive change for all.


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